COMING SOON – The Aquagat IRET (Inverted Roller Enclosed Track)

Introducing the Aquagat IRET. (Inverted Roller Enclosed Track).

One nasty ass underwater weapon with enough gusto to power through absolutely anything you select to take down with it. The principle was to keep manoeuvrability as dynamic as with every Aquagat speargun, very! In addition we amped up usable power to an unheard of level…. with absolutely minimal recoil in order that accuracy is pin point! 🎯
The result, the beautifully brutal IRET.

The Striped Marlin are firing hard off the southern states at present and the Southern Bluefin should be off the Sydney coastline within 12 weeks so get in quick if you would like to commission a build…. oh, and you get to select what funked up colours your gun will be!

DM us your expression of interest and we will promptly hit you with details, stats, pricing and a build time. Or joing our mailing list to be the first to know when it’s released!

More power, better accuracy with unbelievable agility. “The Aquagat difference”.

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