COMING SOON – Carbon Roller Gun

Here is a sneak peek at the new Aquagat carbon roller-gun!!

This prototype and the related components will change a few times by launch date, but so far we’re really hyped on the muzzle and grip designs, how they’re functioning and how they’ve turned out.

Not only is the muzzle exceptionally effective, it also delivers on something that we thought other roller muzzles on the market were really lacking, some style

The grip/handle unit has been tweaked to envelop the new style of stock that this range will utilise, but remains essentially unchanged as feedback on the feel that this grip provides was fantastic from our first run of timber guns. This unit also employs a really handy reel mount with absolutely no flex or twist even at full load.
The carbon fibre barrel employs a 3mm “deep track” and has a 3mm wall thickness ramping up to 4mm at points resulting in a super rigid and very strong gun-stock.

All our components are set inside the carbon stock with our unique set/fitting procedure that ensures optimum rigidity, strength and leaves no chance of water seeping into the barrel.

Still a lot of testing to do with the new range but we know that this gun style and range of guns will prove very popular so we are working really hard to get everything just right….

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Weight 2 kg


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