Walking into a major dive store and being inspired by the craftsmanship and physical attributes of timber spearguns, but also equally by the lack of creative design in 99% of the spearguns on the market, I was instantly inspired to come up with something of my own, something with funk.



At first a personal hobby, it quickly turned into an obsession and the interest generated from the public from around the world via Instagram demonstrated to me that there was a high level of respect for such thinking, and so then the idea of taking my designs to market was born.


Since that day in 2014 I have been relentlessly designing, building and testing my concepts in the pursuit of manifesting what had only been a vision at that point. Functional art is the mantra and the driving force behind the extremely dedicated passion in what I have been working on for the past 3 years….. and now it’s here!


“A speargun from Aquagat Speargun Art is the perfect realisation of precision, power, function, and flair.”


William Brunker  |  Founder  |  Aquagat Speargun Art